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August 2018



98eda7c0-a626-11e8-9197-fd4fb4e46afe.jpg91929c00-a627-11e8-893c-c9c3883e86d1.jpgI had traveled across Europe to the Island of Sicily, From there i took the fast ferry to Valletta Malta, entering by the lovely Grand Harbour. --Valletta is a fortified Capital rising above the Grand Harbour which is 2 and half miles long.-- Valletta town is hilly with steep streets.-- There are no mountains or rivers on Malta.---Around Malta is evidence of 179 years of British presence.--- King George VI awarded the people of Malta collectively the George Cross , for bravery during world war 2.-- A feature of the city is St. Johns Co - Cathedral.--- The seige bell remembers the dead of WW2.--- Cars drive on the left.on Malta. Img0032.jpgImg0034.jpgImg0035.jpgImg0036.jpgImg0037.jpgImg0038.jpgc033c630-a616-11e8-86a2-8de8f2fe769b.jpgImg0040.jpgImg0041.jpgImg0043.jpgImg0046.jpgImg0045.jpgImg0049.jpgImg0053.jpg7036fa70-a617-11e8-86a2-8de8f2fe769b.jpg8232b520-a617-11e8-86a2-8de8f2fe769b.jpgImg0063.jpgImg0082.jpgc2588580-a617-11e8-86a2-8de8f2fe769b.jpg--Some of the yellow buses could be described as boneshakers.---The buses goes to every corner of the island.-- A trip by ferry is to the island of Gozo about 5 miles across the Comino Channel.-----The firing of the noon gun takes place in Upper Barraka Gardens Valletta.------I stayed in Valletta at the Grand Harbour hotel, the Breakfast room was on the top floor,with great views of the Grand Harbour.---

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